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Pre bonded aftercare

Your extensions are 100% human hair but they do need looking after a little different to your own. Below is a list of dos and dont's and products that I recommend for you to use that can be found in your local stores!

Looking good after your extensions..

Once your extensions hair been fitted do allow 2-3 days for your hair and scalp to adjust to the new weight. If after a week you are still having discomfort it would be best you come back and see me. Try to not wash your hair more then twice a week if needs to be you can wash your top section of your natural hair. This is good for your own hair condition too. When brushing your hair try and section the hair brushing from the bottom working your way up to the top holding on the hair as you do. Don't be scared to brush over the roots with a soft brush.

ALWAYS brush any products out of the extensions before washing them. When sleeping tie them in a plait or in a low loose ponytail. This will prevent any knotting.

Once you've washed your extensions towel dry them squeeze the excess water and pat dry! DO NOT RUB!

Please always use hair oil and the level in conditioner spray before drying. NEVER sleep or do anything with drying your bonds at the root first. You should never sleep with it wet.

NEVER NEVER remove extensions your self they need to be professionally removed.

PLEASE remember you loose between 100/200 natural hair a day sometimes more. This is why it's important to run your finger through your roots daily separating the bonds. And always the roots to to let loose any hairs the have come away to prevent Ny matting. Please do not panic when your extensions start to fall out and you see a little bit if hair attached to the bond. In the space of 16 weeks this could happen a lot or not at all. If you feel like your loosing a lot or irritation please contact me.

Going aboard or locally

Try and keep extensions dry and out of the sun wearing a hat. When swimming either in the pool or the sea always put leave in conditioner spray through the extensions. This will help act as a barrier from sea water or chlorine. ALWAYS shampoo and conditioner , your hair after swimming or when visiting the beach. Unfortunately due to the climate and the different chemicals travelling aboard will invalidate your guarantee.

Product List

Do not use tigi range, tresesme, head and shoulders, vosene, herbal essence, fructis or any strong dandruff shampoos these contain certain acids/ sulphates that disintegrates the bonds. This will leaving to all the extension hair shredding out.

Shampoos and condionters I recommend are loreal pure colour range, this is sulphate free.