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The Extension Process

The purpose of hair extensions is to enhance the hair not damage it.

Step 1 -Consulation

You may have a free hair consultation before commencing with the hair extensions. We can go through and discuss what method and thickness and length is suitable for you. If you would like to go ahead and book the fitting of the extensions you will need to put a ££50 deposit down to secure the booking. This deposit is non refundable.

Step 2 - Application

I offer two different methods of extensions. The kertain Pre bonded extensions and the LA weave Method. Using BeautyWorks double drawn Russian hair to create the most natural and glamorous of hairstyle for you. Both methods are light weight undetectable.

The LA weave method is a very up coming popluar method is consists of mirco rings being placed along the hair and then the weft being sewn into the mirco rings. This technique is great for shoulder length hair and below to add volume and length. Typically you will have 2-3 rows. They will need refitting at 6-8 weeks.

The kertain prebonded method is an application of strand by strand. The extensions are applied individual strands the process of melting the pre tipped kertain and rolling it to form a hard bond. This method is for any hair lengths as it can be more tailored to your hair style . This method will last you 3-4 months then you will need them to be removed.

Step 3 - Home and Aftercare

All clients are fully advised on how to care for there hair extensions and given a set of guidelines on how to care once you leave. I suggest that a maintenance appointment is booked 8 week after the application so i can check on how they are growing out and how well they are being looked after.

Step 4 - Removal

Some bonding materials are so strong that they are so difficult to remove without causing damage to the natural hair, with the keratin bond i use it is very easy and kind to remove. it is very simple there is no damaged caused to your natural hair. both applying and removing hair extensions shouldn’t cause any pain or discomfort to your natural hair. i always recommend to have you extensions removed professional by me to ensure it is done safely