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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of hair is it?

The hair used is 100% human hair grade AAAA Remy hair, this is one of the highest grades available and all of the hairs are cuticle correct.

How long does the hair last?

Every client is different most clients last 3-4 months with bonds and with the eggs will 4-6 months this is with the correct aftercare. All of this depends on your lifestyle, gym, swim and how often you wash your hair.

Will they damage my hair?

No not at all! If the hair hair been fitted correctly and you have followed the guidelines correctly your own hair should be in fact in better condition and a little bit longer then before the extensions were fitted. But if you don't look after them hair damage may occur.

Can I reuse the hair?

Not with bonds once hair has been removed bonds becomes damaged and new hair will need to be fitted. With the LA weaves you can have them refitted every 6-8 weeks.

Can I wear my hair up?

Yes with both they are well hidden and can be played around with to create different styles!

Can I colour my hair with bonds in?

You can not use box dyes on your extensions. This can effect the condition of the extensions and the manufacturer guarantee will be invalid . You can have your hairline and section with foils or tint around the extensions. You can tone the extensions but this will need to be carried out with a professional.

Is it natural to loose some hair extensions?

Yes very natural we loose 100-200 hair a day through verbal wear and some bonds with naturally come away with this process.